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Own Work

Beginning of There Ending of Here

There are lots of different people coming together at train stations. On every station this leads to another combination of people. This eclectic mix of people at stations inspired me to make my debut album Beginning of There, Ending of Here. For this album I made field recordings of trains and stations in Western Europe and combined this with electronic music. The album will sound like a train ride and will be released in the beginning of 2024. 

Short productions 

In order to release myself form perfectionism I sometimes make a full production in less then a week. This gives me a lot of freedom to try out new things because the pressure is off all of a sudden. I recently started releasing these productions on Soundcloud. 


Public Adres System 

Have you heard about the funkiest new band in town yet? Well, its Public Adres System and we’ve got our first gig on the 29th of June at Zimmic Zuilen. 

Kimberly Spears

Back in 2018-2020 I played keys in a Britney Spears Tribute band called Kimberley Spears. We covered songs from Britney and I produced and composed songs in Britney’s style.



Nachtbraker - 2022

Nachtbraker is a short neo-noir movie made by Thomas Stoop. The film is about a 13 year old boy who walks away from home and finds all sorts of people during the night. I made jazz-inspired piano music for the movie. 


Ik Durf Ik Durf - 2022

Ik Durf Ik Durf Was a 7+ theatre play about vulnerability by Brian Verhagen. The play took place inside a primary school child’s head. All the characters on stage represented emotions that were contradictory at times, but supported each other at other times. This helped the child in whose head the piece was set understand the world better. I made funky electronic music for this play and the music had both a supporting and a dominant role in the play. 

The Vengefull loner - 2021

The Vengefull Loner is a dystopian short-movie directed by Sjoert Witteveen. The film is taking place in 2030 in America. The SarsCov-19 virus has mutated and wiped out most of the people on earth. The main character is a bounty hunter who hunts down people with the virus. I orchestrated and produced all the music in the movie. 


Toot sound - 2019-2020

Tootsound used to be a company that made music for games. I worked here as a producer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer. We made tracks for small indigame companies such as Little Chicken and Robot Kitten. Our biggest achievement is making music for a game called Rekt!


Japee’s Concepts - Mariaplaats - 2023

Mariaplaats is a Jazzalbum I produced with Jonas Fonn for the lovely Japee’s Concepts. Japee’s concepts shows a new way of interpreting Jazz on this album. On the album you will hear a Jazz quartet consisting of piano, saxophone, drums and double bass. 

Internship E-sound Studio’s 

During my internship at E-sound studio’s in 2022 I worked together with Tomas Cochrane to record numerous bands. E-sound is a wonderful, professional recording studio that has been in Weesp since the 70s and focuses on vintage gear. They gave me the chance to set up my own experiments in order to gain better knowledge of recording techniques. This helped me a lot along the way to becoming an audio engineer.

Yip - TBA

Accompanied by his ensemble, Yip is ready to take you on a journey where you will float on clouds of emotions and fall into the softer part of yourself. I've been produced and mixed their upcoming EP.


I'm teaching production- and keyboard lessons at Birdcage radio. For the production lessons I teach in both Logic Pro X and Ableton live. In the classes I mainly help my students to develop their skills in composing and making tracks. With the keyboard lessons I focus on synthesizers and piano.

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